7.2.2. Operating expenses

In the operating expenses page you have a list of all operating expenses. To enter an cost, do the following:

  1. On the list of expenses click “Add”. You will be directed to the operating expenses editing page.
  2. On the expense editing screen write the name of the operating expense.
  3. For each year you can enter yearly cost. When you enter a value, the app replicates the value for the following years for your convenience. Feel free to change whichever value you want.
  4. Set the VAT rate for the operating expense. The value is already pre-filled in with the general VAT rate entered at the project settings.
  5. If you have the advanced functional expenses input on, you can choose to which type function the operating expense you are adding belongs to. The default option is Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS).
  6. Click “Save”. You will be directed to the operating expenses listing and you can notice that the operating expense that you have entered has been added.

Important: You can learn more about the operating expenses in the Accounting and Reporting Manual, including examples of operating expenses. Just click the link.