7.2.5. Investment

In this page it is possible to add the investment in the assets that the company or project is predicted to have to acquire. The listings page indicates for each item the:

  • Name of the asset refered as “Item”
  • Year of acquisition
  • Month of acquisition
  • Quantity of that asset that will be acquired
  • Price per unit
  • VAT rate
  • Type of asset
  • Depreciation rate

To add a new investment, follow the steps:

  1. Click “Add” on the listings page.
  2. Enter the item name or description
  3. Enter the investment year
  4. Enter the investment month
  5. Enter the quantity of items to be acquired
  6. Enter the price of the item to be acquired
  7. Enter the VAT rate. The value is already pre-filled in with the general VAT rate entered at the project settings.
  8. Enter the type of asset. You can choose between:
  9. Enter the depreciation rate.
  10. Click “Save”. You will be directed to the listing page.

Remember: these items will not be adjusted by inflation.

If you are unsure if an expenditure is a cost or an investment you can learn about the difference between each on our blog.

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