3. The organization of CASFLO APP

When you login to CASFLO APP you are directed to the projects’ page. This is where it all starts!

First, you will notice the menu on your left. This menu is available on every page and has the following links:

  1. Projects: Takes you to projects’ page, where you can create, manage and access your projects.
  2. Learning Center: directs you to the learning center.
  3. Helpdesk: you can use it to contact us with issues that you may have encountered. Suggestions will also be appreciated.
  4. Plans: it is where you manage your subscription.
  5. Account: here you can manage the users that you want to add to your account.
  6. This menu bar is retractable. To reduce its size just press on the “burger menu icon”.
  7. The other common feature is the button to change your profile settings, on the top right corner. Just click on your “user name”.

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