4. Plans

This is the page where you can acquire a plan to use CASFLO APP. Before going to the plans page you should know the types of plans that you can have.

Types of plans

There are four types of plans:

  • Demo Plan
  • Base Plan
  • Full Plan
  • Full & Custom Plan
The Demo Plan

The Demo plan is what you get once you register your user into CASFLO APP. It is meant for you to try out CASFLO APP before deciding to buy another plan. In the Demo plan you can create a project, but there are some restrictions:

  • You can only work in your project for 15 days.
  • You can only have one version.
  • You cannot add other users to your account (check account management).
  • You do not have access to the full features within the assumptions.
  • You cannot download the reports.
  • You have restricted access to the outputs.

Notice, although having a Demo Plan for more than 15 days will restrict your access to your project, you will still be able to collaborate in projects of other users if you were invited to their account and projects.

The Base Plan

The Base Plan does not have the restriction of the Demo plan: you have full access to your project results and reports. These are the features of the Base Plan:

  • 1 Project.
  • Unlimited number of simulations.
  • Learning Center.
  • Versioning – save up to 2 versions.
  • 1 user – only your user has access to your account, hence the collaboration feature is not available.
  • Types of inputs available:
    • Raw materials and consumables by sales percentage;
    • Salary expenses by category;
    • Income statement by nature.
Full Plan

The Full Plan gives you access to the complete features within CASFLO:

  • 1 Project.
  • Unlimited number of simulations.
  • Learning Center.
  • Versioning – save up to 5 versions.
  • 3 users – you can collaborate with two other users.
  • Types of inputs available:
    • Raw materials and consumables by sales percentage or item;
    • Salary expenses by category or employee;
    • Income statement by nature and functions.
Full & Custom Plan

The full and custom plan has the same features of the Full Plan, only differing in the fact that you can have more than one project.

The plans page

The plans page shows:

  1. Your active plan.
  2. When will your plan expire.
  3. Your next plan.
  4. When will your next plan start.
  5. When will the next plan end.

Buying a plan

To buy a Plan, you should go through the following steps:

1 – The period of your plan:

  • Monthly;
  • Yearly.

Remember: If you buy a plan on a yearly basis, you will be presented the equivalent monthly value but you will be charged for an amount equivalent to a 12 month period.

2 – Select one of the plans you wish to acquire:

  • Base Plan;
  • Full Plan;
  • Full & Custom Plan.

Once you have chosen both the period and the plan you will be directed to the payment page where will be displayed:

3 – The selected plan.

4 – How much will you be charged.

5 – Until will when will the plan last.

You can change invoice details:

6 – Your name or organization identification.

7 – Your address or your organization’s address.

8 – Your e-mail or the e-mail which you wish that the invoice will be sent to.

9 – The VAT number

10 – The country where you live in or your company operates at.

11 – Before proceeding to checkout, you must state that you accept the Terms & Conditions. You will then be able to choose your payment method: Credit Card or PayPal.

Plan policy

When you are buying a plan, there are few things you should notice:

  • You can buy the plan monthly or on a yearly basis.
  • If you change from a monthly payment to a yearly payment, the change will take place immediately and will not be reimbursed.
  • If you change from a yearly payment to a monthly payment, the change will only take place after yearly payment expires so you do not lose the service you had previously acquired.
  • You can only change between Plans while one Plan is active for upgrade. Notice the following:
    • If you go from a Base Plan to a Full Plan you will have immediate access to the Full Plan features. The same applies while going from a Base Plan or from a Full Plan to a Full & Custom Plan.
    • If you go from a Full Plan to a Base Plan you will still have access to the Full Plan features until it expires. After it expires you will have access to the Base Plan features. The same applies when going from a Full & Custom Plan to a Full Plan or to a Base Plan. Do not forget to change the features from the next plan the day before it expires.
    • If you want to go from a Full & Custom Plan to a Full Plan or a Base Plan (or even just reducing the number of projects within the Full & Custom Plan), you will have to make sure that you have the correct number of projects within that type of plan. If you have more projects than allowed by the plan you want to move into, you will have to delete projects.

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