6. Creating a project

The projects are the canvas you work at to study the feasibility. You can have more than one project, depending on the plan that you have acquired.

Create project

To create a project, you must be on the Project listing page (initial page). You will notice the button on the right corner “Create Project”; just click it. You will be directed to the project settings.

After you edit the project settings you can always go back to it and change whatever you need. The only limitations are those explained ahead for the types of input. Once you are done editing the project settings click “save”, you will be directed to the main page and you will notice that your new project has been introduced.

Edit project settings

To edit a project’s settings, hover the mouse over the project. You will notice the three dots on the right corner.

Click on the three dots and select “Settings” to start editing.

Important: the project always displays the users that have access to that project, independently of the project’s ownership.

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