5. Account

In the account page you have two sections: the details about your account name, user limit, project limit and version limit; and the possibility to add users to collaborate in your projects (if you have more than one user in your plan).

Only users that are linked to an account can be added to a project and not every user has to be linked to all projects. You can decide which user that you invited participate in which project. If you add a user to your account, that does not imply that you have been added to that user’s account.

1. Add users to your account

Enter the e-mail and click “Add”.

2. User notification and acceptance

An email will be sent to the user to accept the collaboration in your account. If that person that you are trying to invite is not already registered in CASFLO APP, it will be requested to do so in the first place.

It is recommended that you ask the person if he/she is already registered and under which email address.

Users collaboration can be enable in the projects settings.

Delete a user from your account

To delete a user from your account you need to click on the “bin” icon that corresponds to that user.

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