1. Intro

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur you have probably come to the question: “Will this business be viable?”. More often than not, starting a business entails the need of developing a business plan with a financial analysis to answer that question.

With CASFLO APP you can carry out financial analysis and project forecasting. It is meant for entrepreneurship projects, although it may also be used for corporate valuation, forecasting of existing companies or even for the development of new departments within existing companies.

While using CASFLO APP you will be setting operational, financing and investment assumptions. Through the combination of the assumptions, CASFLO APP will construct the financial statements of your project.

Contents of the manual

In this manual, you will learn:

  • To register in CASFLO APP.
  • How is CASFLO APP organized.
  • To manage your account and plans.
  • How to create and manage a project.
  • Which are the reports created by CASFLO APP.
  • To set the assumptions for a project.

Remember: this manual (as every manual of the Learning Center) was designed under a logic sequence, but you can jump to other pages within this manual or the other manuals as you may feel necessary.

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