3. Corporate tax

In simple terms, the corporate tax is a levy on a company’s income profit. But in practice, the amount of corporate tax that a company owes is usually relatively intricate scheme of taxable incomes and deductible and non-deductible expenses combined with different tax rates. Such taxing schemes vary from country to country and may even include different levels of taxation within a country, such as federal taxation and state taxation. Hence, calculating the corporate tax in the real world is not a matter of just applying a tax rate to the EBT (Earnings Before Taxes).

Corporate tax within CASFLO APP

Although it is not possible to set a general corporate tax rate that can simulate the complexity of corporate taxes, as a simplification of the process CASFLO APP uses a corporate tax rate as a proxy, which can be set in the project settings.

CASFLO APP provides a suggested proxy to the corporate tax rate. You can use it, but you should always investigate further if using the suggestion is the correct option given the type of business that you are forecasting.


Corporate tax may vary significantly from country to country and its application is often complex. The table below presents the standard corporate tax rate for OECD countries:

Country Corporate tax rate
Australia 30,00%
Austria 25,00%
Belgium 33,00%
Canada 15,00%
Chile 25,00%
Czech Republic 19,00%
Denmark 22,00%
Estonia 20,00%
Finland 20,00%
France 34,43%
Germany 15,83%
Greece 29,00%
Hungary 9,00%
Iceland 20,00%
Ireland 12,50%
Israel 24,00%
Italy 24,00%
Japan 23,40%
Korea 22,00%
Latvia 15,00%
Luxembourg 20,33%
Mexico 30,00%
Netherlands 25,00%
New Zealand 28,00%
Norway 24,00%
Poland 15,00%
Portugal 22,50%
Slovak Republic 21,00%
Slovenia 19,00%
Spain 25,00%
Sweden 22,00%
Switzerland 8,50%
Turkey 20,00%
United Kingdom 19,00%
United States 35,00%

This table should be used as a suggestion. You should always verify which is the correct corporate rate that may apply to your project. Be aware that the effective corporate rates may vary due to specific deductions or additions to the tax.

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