Welcome to CASFLO APP’s Learning Center

If you are looking to learn how to use CASFLOAPP and how to do a business plan, the Learning Center it the right spot: it has the resources for those who need an explanation on how to use CASFLOAPP and for those who need more knowledge about business plans and financial analysis.

If you prefer to read choose one of our manuals. If you prefer to learn by watching videos, go to the tutorials below and watch those that you need. And you can also check our blog.


User Manual

How to use CASFLO APP from registering to project analysis.

Accounting and reporting

For those who have not had any relevant previous contact with accounting. Provides basic knowledge about the components and organization of  financial statements.

Financial analysis

Understanding the value of your project or company is as important as setting the assumptions. In this manual you will find the introductory concepts of financial analysis.

Tax and Social Security

This manual delivers introductory insight about the VAT, Corporate tax and Social Security.

Example cases

Golden Days

Franchise of a event management company.


A new investment project within an already existing company.

Tutorial Videos