Entrepreneurship and Business Plans

Why is it important to have a feasibility analysis?

We know that entrepreneurs usually do not like to look at numbers. They don’t like the fact that they have to deal with such dull things as estimating revenues, figuring costs, what is going to have to be invested, where is money coming from. Their product or service is going to be just awesome and […]

Entrepreneurship and startups

Before entering the post’s subject, we would like to share what is our intent with this blog. As the first post, it marks the launching of our new app. The blog is not meant to convey a strict education perspective as the Learning Center, but more of a combination between what is our opinion, built […]


Types of income statement

The income statement is one of the main financial maps that every entrepreneur should know how to analyze (truth be told: any person that somehow deals with management, accounting, finance or any related field must know how to interpret an income statement). The income statement summarizes the revenues and the costs that a company incurs […]

The difference between investment and costs

For many of us out there who have had the opportunity to learn or to work on accounting, this is something that is quite obvious. Yet, over the past years we have noticed that many entrepreneurs who have not had any experience with management or accounting tend to confuse these two concepts when doing their […]