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Welcome Impact Entrepreneurship!

Adam Levene’s Wired article puts it brilliantly: while pitching, presenting or just thinking on their idea, many entrepreneurs include a “for a better world” stance. But many products and services that eventually arise do not have a major influence on a social well-being scale. For that reason, those good intents cannot be taken as the […]

Funding in social entrepreneurship projects

Funding opportunities for social innovators are endless. So if you have a good social project idea or a ongoing initiative already, you should know where to look for. These are some financing forms that a social entrepreneurship project can obtain or compete to obtain: Government Grants A government grant is a financial reward given by […]

Things to account for whilst forecasting a not for profit organization

To carry out its purposes, any organization needs to have financial means (to invest, to pay to its workers or to pay suppliers). It needs money just as a regular business. Those financial resources come from the revenues it generates (if you believe a not for profit does not have revenues, please check the previous […]

Social Entrepreneurship?

We welcome a series of posts about social entrepreneurship. Two weeks ago (from the date of publishing this post) we took CASFLO for a workshop at Instituto Superior Técnico in Portugal for a class where students had to take on a social entrepreneurship project. Whilst debating with the class it came to us that this […]

CASFLO APP on Web Summit

Between the 4th and 7th of November, Lisbon was once again the location of on of the largest technology and innovation conferences. The Web Summit was attended by about 70,469 participants, 2,150 startups and 239 partners. CASFLO APP was also there as an alpha startup and we were very happy with the attention that it […]

Solving the warnings (5/6): NPV

There are only two warnings left to have a clear guideline on how to solve them. The previous posts were about the Financing, Net Income, Equity and Equity ratio warnings. Let’s get a look deep into the NPV warning. NPV is short for Net Present Value. You may find more about it at the Financial […]