Can a social entrepreneurship project implement itself as a company?

To answer the question, yes it can! As a social entrepreneur eager to change the world and jumping to the next big screen you have multiple options to implement your project. Even if your project has a social nature, it does not mean that you cannot profit from it: you can conciliate both goals and help resolve critical issues. There is not only one way to be a social entrepreneur. There are several business statutes and models that suit different types of business and goals.


A non-profit organization generally is a organization focused on a specific cause, like child protection and should not generate revenue for shareholders and stakeholders, because the money they generate is used for the cause. Normally, these organizations obtain money through donations and some even sell products or services.

Regular business

Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Corporation: the good new is that you don’t have to be organized as a non-profit to be a social entrepreneur. You can simply make it a part of the way you do business.

Benefit Corporations

The benefit corporations status is exclusive to the United States of America and is a recent type of entity that allows companies to be socially responsible while still generating profit. This type of company has an positive impact on society and environment at the same time that can profit.

Community Project

A community Project is a relatively small-scale project that addresses an issue within a specific community. Most community projects focus on social, environmental and economic issues.


A co-operative is an independent association of individuals unified voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs via a jointly held enterprise. They can operate on either a non-profit or for-profit basis. The associates of the co-operative may be expected to pay a participation fee to cover operating costs.

So there are several options available for the legal nature of your social project. You just need to choose the one that suits your intents the best!